• 24/7 Real-Time Groundwater Data Monitoring Carried Out at Large Dutch Infrastructure Project

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24/7 Real-Time Groundwater Data Monitoring Carried Out at Large Dutch Infrastructure Project

Jan 19 2015

Widening the A9 highway into 2 x 5 lanes and digging a 3 kilometre tunnel will reduce air and noise pollution in Amsterdam Southeast. However, some measures must be taken first before the quality of life improves. Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, started with this by moving cables and pipes for water, gas, electricity and telephony. Van Kessel Dewatering handles dewatering and stress drainage while these activities are carried out. Since dewatering may have an effect on the ground in the vicinity, a monitoring plan was drawn up and a complete measuring network of Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment (the Netherlands) was set up with sensors, modems and online web portal to provide the principal with real-time groundwater data. John de Geest, Manager Technical Projects: ‘This is just one of our great projects worldwide where our solutions contribute to more efficiency and effectivity at the customer.’

Investing in the future

Driekus Kroeze and Imre van Hal from Van Kessel Dewatering, “The measuring network has 25 sites, all with a deep and shallow monitoring well, fitted with Diver water level loggers that measure the groundwater levels and Global Data Transmitters Multiple that transmit the data to the Eijkelkamp Web Portal. In addition, 72 soil moisture sensors were placed.”

“We were searching for a telemetric total package of sensor, modem and online environment, but one that can be expanded. The way I see it, if you just turned 18 you do not start driving a Rolls Royce right off. Working with such a system is all new to us. However, we are aware that this telemetric solution will be an obvious requirement as the principal will make it a condition. And we like to invest in the future.”

“We asked for a number of quotations, including one from Eijkelkamp whom we already know because we use equipment as the well-known Edelman augers. Eijkelkamp scored the best as far as user friendliness was concerned as well as options in the telemetric solution. Moreover it is brilliant that the Eijkelkamp Academy provides environmental knowledge and skill. Sometimes you need someone to do some brain-storming with, and to us that is worth more than just going for the lowest price.”

5 years too late

“It is a pity we did not have this system 5 years ago for the construction of the Westerschelde intersection  in Belgium. Someone was continuously measuring the groundwater levels there because the (financial) risk was so great. Now we have real-time data available 24 hours per day, and we can attach alarms to them so you immediately know what is happening. How urgent is it? Do we have to go there now, in the middle of the night, or can it wait until early tomorrow morning? We can play with this now and that is a great advantage.”

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