• Low power natural gas leak detection module

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Low power natural gas leak detection module

Nov 14 2018

If you are a user or supplier of flammable gas detectors for the detection of natural gas or LPG leakage within a commercial kitchen or residential application then the current detector offered is almost certainly fitted with either a catalytic bead (pellistor) or metal oxide sensor. The sensor converts the combustible gas concentration into an electrical signal that then the detector instrument can process and react or alarm accordingly. Both technologies are relatively low cost and robust but require a high power heater to allow the sensor to detect the flammable gas. The high power heater will restrict the instrument to be either operated with a voltage reducer from a fixed mains outlet or will only operate for a few days from a battery supply. This high power requirement detracts from the required flexibility and forces more installation expense within the application for these types of detectors. For continuous operation a mains wire connection will be required limiting the placement as to where there is an available mains power outlet.

The new Natural gas module (NGM-1) from SGX Sensortech is based around the very low power MEMs pellistor technology from SGX, which allows a detector design that can be supported by two or four AA batteries and an operation for 6 to 12 months before battery replacement or recharge.

This long term operation on battery power allows the customer the flexibility to place the NGM -1 anywhere within a residential or commercial building environment.

The new Natural Gas Module NGM-1 utilises well established catalytic bead chemistry supported by a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and provides a revolutionary level of detector reliability.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Battery operation - The low power operation of this detector allows the operation from 2 AA size batteries for 6 to 9 months, then alarming the customer to replace the batteries.
  • Robust chemical resistant - the sensor is fitted with novel filtration technology to remove contaminants which occur in a typical commercial or residential environment. Its resistance to common chemicals such as silicone polish vapours or inhibitors such as hydrogen sulphide and is far superior to existing pellistor detector technology ensuring a long lifetime.
  • Mechanical robustness - the MPEL uses a unique solid-state design which means that it is more resistant to mechanical shocks and vibration. With an MPEL fitted, an instrument will no longer need to be calibrated, or worse, sent back for sensor replacement when it is accidentally dropped.
  • Flexibility and affordable cost - The battery operation not only allows the customer the flexibility to place the detector without a mains power outlet. It also requires no wiring or electrical wiring cost.

If you are a supplier or manufacturer of commercial or residential gas detection instrumentation, the SGX Sensortech NGM-1 provides you with a product fully capable of meeting your customers natural gas detection needs and If you’d like to learn more about the revolutionary technology included in the NGM-1 or wish to see for yourself the performance you can achieve, then please contact one of our knowledgeable sales team or our network of local distributors for more information or samples for evaluation.

Contact us by email or visit our website.

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