• Infrared gas sensors for biogas measurement

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Infrared gas sensors for biogas measurement

Apr 12 2017

SGX Sensortech, a leading manufacturer of gas sensors for industrial safety and air quality is pleased to show case one of its latest innovative product. 

The IR15TT-R dual gas infrared gas sensor makes flammable gas and carbon dioxide sensing for biogas applications easy. It is inevitable within the biogas moisture generating environment that aggressive components will get on the sensors components. The IR15TT-R is designed to operate in the harshest of environments and when designed into customer instrumentation it can produce accurate, robust measurement within the aggressive biogas environment.

The single foot print dual gas sensor designed to work in both fixed and portable instruments, responds quickly to changes in the target gas.  It is provided in an explosion proof housing for easy incorporation into critical-to-safety applications with a robust shock and vibration proof construction.

The IR15TT-R has a large dual gas range, 0 to 100% vol. methane and 0 to 100% vol. carbon dioxide within the same package, making the sensor extremely suitable for the biogas industry.

IR 15TT-R twin gas infra- red gas sensor, 0 to 100% vol. methane and 0 to 100% vol. carbon dioxide biogas applications


Two active gas channels for simultaneous measurement of carbon dioxide and methane, Reference channel for long-term stability, Fast Response, Rugged stainless steel construction, Resistance to corrosion, Immune from 'poisoning', Suitable for fixed and portable instrumentation, Internal Thermistor for Temperature compensation, Certified ATEX, IECEx, CSA and UL listed.

Also available is the long life, RoHS compliant EC410 Oxygen sensor,  suitable for use in biogas where high levels of carbon dioxide are present.  

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