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  • A complete range of NDIR, refrigerant gas sensors

A complete range of NDIR, refrigerant gas sensors

Jan 29 2021 Read 1112 Times

After years of development, N.E.T. Srl, of Italy, can now offer the most complete NDIR gas sensor range on the market for refrigerant gases detection. All these sensors are microprocessor based, fully calibrated and are targeted at different market sectors and applications, both commercial and industrial.

Irnet-Pro, with more than 10 years of being widely used in industrial field applications (from cold rooms to landfill gas detection and oil and gas), can reliably detect CO2 from ppm level to 100%vol ranges, or hydrocarbons and R32 based gases (R454, R452) in the lower flamable limit range.  It features complete calibration over the temperature range -40°C/+60°C and SIL2 certification.

Iref-Pro has been specifically developed for a more accurate detection of low concentrations of HFC and HFO gases. It features a powerful black body light source that enables ppm detection of a very extended list of gases and it is also fully calibrated for the target gas and SIL2 certified.

Iref-Lite offers a lower cost alternative to the ‘Pro’ version, for more commercial applications: it is available for detection of A2L refrigerants (R32, R1234yf, R1234ze) in the flamable range and for gases used in VRF applications (R410a, R134a) up to 1%vol.

This sensor is the first one to feature the innovative threshold output, alongside the usual voltage and digital outputs.

The Remore module is the newest addition to the NET range. This very cost effective device has the same features and gas list as the Iref-Lite but it is meant to be integrated directly on chillers and other refrigeration equipment instead of a gas detector. Every aspect of the hardware can be customised based on the customer’s criteria, making it an extremely flexible instrument.

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