• Detecting for Hydrogen Leaks in Battery Rooms and Back-up Power Facilities

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Detecting for Hydrogen Leaks in Battery Rooms and Back-up Power Facilities

Dec 21 2010

H2scan Corporation (USA) announce that its UK-based representative, Quantitech, Ltd., has delivered 14 of its HY-ALERTA™ 600 Fixed Area Monitors to detect for possible hydrogen leaks in battery rooms. Quantitech Ltd., has supplied DPSS Cabling Services with these hydrogen specific gas monitors that are critical in helping prevent catastrophic power failures and employee injury and eliminating costly false alarms.

These back-up power facilities utilize UPS (uninterruptible power supply) equipment that is often preferred over diesel generators because it not only provides surge protection, but also eliminates the use of fossil fuels and any associated exhaust related issues. However, lead-acid based battery systems have the potential to emit hydrogen in the event of a thermal runaway. Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas at LEL concentrations, so DPSS has installed H2scan’s gas detection technology capable of detecting low levels of hydrogen, even in the presence of other gases that would typically be the source of false alarms.

Quantitech’s Managing Director Keith Golding said, "We have found that H2scan’s hydrogen leak detectors are the best solution in leak detection, saving companies from expensive power failures resulting in down time. There are many applications for which hydrogen specific monitoring is important. These cover health, safety and process control within a wide variety of industrial applications including petrochemical refineries, hydrogen production, nuclear power/waste and fossil fuel power to name a few."

DPSS ordered the HY-ALERTA™ 600 Fixed Area monitor technology, which provides hydrogenspecific leak detection and measurement of hydrogen and can be scaled to any concentration up
to 5% hydrogen by volume. The monitor is designed for either ceiling or wall mount and has no cross sensitivity to other combustible gases, thereby eliminating false positive alarms and ensuring safety and system reliability.

“The installation of our hydrogen monitors at back-up power facilities is a great example of how we can safely detect possible hydrogen leaks ensuring the safety of our customer’s employees,” said Dennis Reid, H2scan’s President & CEO. “By alerting employees of potential hydrogen leaks, we provide companies with security and peace of mind, resulting in a safer, more profitable operation.”

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