• Alphasense Announces Tungsten Filament NDIR

Gas Detection

Alphasense Announces Tungsten Filament NDIR

Feb 06 2008

Alphasense contemporary designed miniature CO2 infrared sensors are
self-contained, plug in sensors with integrated optics contained within
standard sized miniature (20.0 mm) gas sensor housings. There are no moving parts within the sensors. An internal temperature sensor is included to enable the temperature to be monitored at the detectors, thereby providing the best means of compensating for temperature
effects, including ideal gas law corrections.

CO2 Gas Ranges: IR-CO2-A1 Carbon Dioxide 0 to 5,000-ppm, IR-CO2-AH Carbon Dioxide 0 to 5% Volume, IR-CO2-AE Carbon Dioxide 0 to 20% Volume and IR-CO2-AS Carbon Dioxide 0 to 100% Volume.

Sensor Interface, in order to derive a signal from the Alphasense infrared sensors, the lamp should be pulsed at a constant frequency and duty cycle and power should be applied to the on-chip FET transistors. The signal can then be extracted from the on-chip FET transistor sources and the internal sensor temperature can also be monitored continuously.

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