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  • A reliable test for surgical mask efficiency

A reliable test for surgical mask efficiency

Nov 10 2020 Read 195 Times

Mega System has created a complete specific sampling line for testing surgical masks, anticipating and foreseeing the needs and requests of its customers.

The sampling train for the B.F.E. test (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) manufactured by Mega System, is proposed as a complete solution for analysing the filtration efficiency of surgical masks and other filter materials, in compliance with EN 14683:2019.

Ease of use and complete control of all process parameters through simple adjustments allow users to save time and guarantee test repeatability.

The sampling train is complete and includes a nebulizer, nebulisation chamber with air filter and removable cap, filter holder, Andersen multistage impactor 6 stages, water condenser with discharge flask, suction pump and syringe pump for precise dosages.

The software was specifically developed for B.F.E. testing and provides features such as leak and flow test, automatic regulation of suction flow rate, export of recorded data to USB and nebulisation electronic control through compressed air regulation and feed rate with syringe pump.

The BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) train test is performed on materials and devices, which are designed to offer protection against biological aerosols, such as surgical masks and air filters. The aim of the test is to check for the presence of bacteria at various levels of filtration after passing through the device under test.

The procedure is simple - the syringe pump injects a bacterial suspension, then compressed air passes through a pressure regulator with an attached solenoid valve in a nebulizer, after which pump sucks in air (28,3 l/min as required) which travels through the line into a chamber where the nebulised bacterial suspension comes into contact with the fi¬ltering material under test.

The unfiltered suspension passes through the various stages of an impactor and is deposited onto Petri dishes. When the air reaches the condenser it is cooled by water and the cycle concludes with the pump and its flow regulation system.

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