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New Superior Flow Analysis Software

Sep 22 2015

Lab Solutions (UK) presents FlowView, the new industry standard in flow analysis software from O-I Analytical.

FlowView aims to continue with WinFlow’s commitment to user control whilst improving upon the performance and functionality of the previous program. Handy features such as calibration by peak height or area and configurable pre-run/post-run pump programming, allow the user the optimum level of customization and therefore, a broader range of applications. This focus on giving the customer an intuitive and powerful user interface ensures that our clients get the most accurate and precise results possible in their tests. 

With its 64-bit compatibility and superior user interface, FlowView boasts the most efficient and advanced architecture on the market. Your computer will most likely be a 64-bit machine yet, for years, you have been forced to use flow-analysis software that runs at 32-bit, using only half of the processing power that your computer possesses. Unlike its 32-bit competitors, FlowView harnesses the true potential of your computer to bring you faster and more accurate results. 64-bit processing allows for the use of four billion times more physical memory than 32-bit processing, meaning that choosing FlowView as your new flow-analysis software will give vast improvements in speed and power.

As well as supporting multiple languages, the outstanding performance of FlowView allows us to offer a range of high-level analytical functions for improved result recording, like the ability to run up to 6 channels of data simultaneously and leak detection with user selectable action on trigger. Another big improvement on the WinFlow platform is the streamlined baseline algorithm which allows for a 10% increase in data precision, with no extra time or work on your part. Simply click a button and, in no time, you will have precise and accurate results.    

The improved functionality and industry-leading interface of FlowView makes it the most adaptable, user-friendly and robust flow-analysis software available; the obvious choice for your laboratory.

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