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  • Compact gas diluter with smart software 

Compact gas diluter with smart software 

Nov 10 2020 Read 118 Times

On-site customised gas standard preparation has never been easier than with Zephyr – a compact version of well-known GasMix™ gas mixers/diluters from AlyTech, France.  This compact device is a smart companion for quality assurance for all gas analysers, GCs or gas detectors helping you significantly reduce your stock of gas standard cylinders and their related costs. 

Compliant with international standard method ISO6145-7 “Gas analysis -- Preparation of calibration gas mixtures using dynamic volumetric methods” the Zephyr is very cost-efficient solution to perform multi-point calibration using a concentrated gas standard and a diluent gas. The diluter is compatible with aggressive gases and active compounds at trace level like sulphuric gases, ammonia and VOCs, offering a dilution ratio up to 10000 to initial concentration. 

With its touch screen and intuitive interface, the device is very simple to operate. Its unique Smart Sequence building feature helps the operator to make multi-point calibration easily : Just choose the number of points, starting and ending concentrations, and the software automatically calculates the respective flow rates for all points allowing for the initial concentration of parent gas and the range of the corresponding MFC. The operator just pushes a button. The sequence is stored in the memory and recalled at any time. 

The uncertainty of generated gas concentration is calculated automatically taking into account the actual flow and the certified uncertainty of the parent gas. With flow accuracy ±1% of the setpoint all over the scale the Zephyr adds very little dilution error. 

With its small foot print, imbedded smart software and optional internal battery (up to 8h autonomously) the Zephyr can be installed where you need it, in a lab, in the field or in a mobile lab. 

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