• Online Payments Save One-Tenth of a Tree per Year! 

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Online Payments Save One-Tenth of a Tree per Year! 

Apr 03 2015

The statistics surrounding the destruction of the world’s forests are nothing short of shocking. An estimated 7.3 million hectares of forest is lost every year, which equates to around 36 football fields a minute. As well as contributing to up to 12 percent of annual global carbon dioxide emissions, this rapid deforestation is devastating to native plant and wildlife species. The world is well aware of the need to slow deforestation rates, with a myriad of campaigns in place designed to reduce the demand for forest felling. Some are obvious, such as recycling and reusing paper wherever possible. However other, more imaginative methods are also surprisingly effective. For example, making the switch to online payments can save one tenth of a tree per year!

E-billing and the environment

According to environmentalists, e-billing is pegged as one of the most underrated ‘green’ practices of the decade. Simply by switching from paying bills using paper checks, invoices and envelopes to using online payment systems, individuals could save an entire tree over the course of a decade.

Make the switch, it’s easy!

While some eco-friendly campaigns require a little effort, e-billing is incredibly easy. Almost all bills now offer the option of paying online which means people can receive, review and pay invoices at their fingertips. From credit cards and car insurance to mobile phone plans and utilities, the internet makes fixing up suppliers easy. Some providers even often incentives for customers making the switch.

As well as saving the environment, switching to e-billing can also save consumers a significant amount of time and money. Rather than spend time filling out forms, opening envelopes, purchasing stamps and making trips to the post office, e-billing is fast, free and 100% secure.

For businesses, e-billing also offers some serious benefits, beyond enjoying an environmental conscience. Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between introducing e-billing and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Not to mention the money saved on paper, printing, stamps, administration costs and manpower. 

Consumers starting to catch on

Unfortunately, the environmental and convenience perks of e-billing haven’t quite caught on yet. A recent survey from Marketplace.org revealed that in 2013, just 50% of consumers paid their bills online.  If everyone made the effort to make the switch, the EPA estimates that the world would save a huge 44 million tonnes of paper a year! For every household, this equates to saving around 6.6 pounds of paper, 171 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and of course, one tenth of a tree! That said, the world is making progress. In the USA, the national Pay It Green Alliance is supported by a myriad of high profile corporate names including Bank of America, The Federal Reserve Banks and AT&T. With an increasing number of consumers and businesses making the switch, paper bills could soon be a thing of the past.

New wastewater treatment

There are so many reasons why we need to fight against deforestation and we bet you didn’t know about this one! A new water reclamation project has been started in Missoula, US, which makes use of hybrid poplar trees. Thousands of trees have been planted on the 130-acre site, which will be watered with treated wastewater. Some of the chemicals in the water will help the trees' growth and in turn the trees will help to filter the wastewater. The project will stop the treated effluent from being released into the river. For more information, read: Trees Used in New Wastewater Treatment Scheme.

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