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ERAFLASH - The Safe Side of Flashpoint Testing

Nov 23 2011

The patented PBT - Peltier Boost Technology™ by eralytics™ opens a new dimension of flashpoint testing. Unrivaled measuring speed complements the widest temperature range ever achieved in a single instrument (-25 to 420°C). The small sample size (1-2 ml) and the continuously closed measuring chamber (ASTM D6450 & D7094) of the ERAFLASH™ guarantee maximum safety and speed at minimum costs.

A Single Flashpoint Tester for All Applications
ERAFLASH is the most flexible flashpoint tester for reliable measurements of all kinds of liquids and solids today on the market. A small footprint, true portability and its rugged aluminum design are ideal for stationary and mobile laboratories.
ERAFLASH also is the instrument of choice for demanding tests, including but not limited to fresh and used oil analysis (fuel dilution curve measurement), product specifications, transport classifications (D.O.T., ADR), forensic analysis, FAME (biodiesel), recycled fuels, hazardous waste (RCRA), etc.

The cost savings for expensive samples and for waste disposal as well as the easy cleaning due to the small sample volume make the ERAFLASH also the preferred flashpoint tester for the flavors & fragrances, the paints & varnishes and the bitumen industries.

The display of the Combustion Graphics™ on the large color touch screen is ideal for R&D applications and for the contamination analysis of demanding samples that contain only small amounts of flammable compounds (e.g. FAME / biodiesel).

Maximum Safety
To meet the strict safety requirements in today’s high-tech laboratories, ERAFLASH operates in full compliance with the safest Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point (CCCFP) methods ASTM D6450 and D7094. There are no open flames or glowing wires at all in the ERAFLASH. Instead, the flashpoint is detected by pressure measurement inside the closed measuring chamber. Naturally, this design completely prevents the risk of fire or hazardous fumes.

Reliable Precision
ERAFLASH additionally offers several correlation methods, which cover all major closed cup methods (e.g. ASTM D56 - TAG, ASTM D93 & EN ISO 2719 - Pensky Martens), as well as flash/no flash methods (e.g. EN ISO 3679 & 3680, ASTM D3828 – Small Scale). The correlation methods were developed by eralytics’ internationally renowned flashpoint specialists, Mr. Andreas Schwarzmann and Dr. Roland Aschauer.

High Speed & Unmatched Range
The patented PBT - Peltier Boost Technology™, allows for previously unmatched heating and cooling rates. The Peltier elements are arranged above the measuring chamber following a revolutionary concept developed by eralytics R&D team. This new design allows turnaround times that are significantly shorter than those offered by all other instruments available on the market and enables measurements over the full temperature range of -25 to 420°C (-13 to 788°F) with a single analyzer.

Minimum Maintenance
Cleaning after measurements often took time and involved maintenance activities or replacing sensors or other elements of the chamber assembly. ERAFLASH is different. Its innovative CPT-Contamination Prevention Technology™, a combination of an advanced electrode protection and self-cleaning ignition system, reduces cleaning & maintenance to an absolute minimum.

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