• A reliable and low maintenance CEMS for every industry

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A reliable and low maintenance CEMS for every industry

Jul 26 2019

Protea’s P2000 is an infra-red (IR) duct or stack mounted Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS/AMS) process analyser capable of providing in-situ analysis of up to 6 gas-phase emission components, including NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, NH3, HCl and CH4, . These systems usually consist of a stack mounted analyser, a calibration module and a control unit with the capability to integrate a powerful, in-situ heater and stand-alone analysis package, as well as a multitude of analysers from Protea’s range. These analysers have ATEX and IEC options for use in hazardous zones. Rapid upgrades are a relatively simple process making this a highly versatile analyser suited to all industrial settings.

This CEMS uses a reflective beam to measure the process gas directly as it enters the sample cell. It has very low maintenance requirements and attains a top in its class availability exceeding 98% in highly demanding applications. The P2000 features a patented, sintered metal technology that alleviates the necessity for gas filtering and sample conditioning. In addition, the P2000 includes an auto verification unit which provides a zero-check on the system by filling the sample probe with clean and dry air, it also carries out span checks by filling the sample probe with certified span gas.

This highly efficient analyser works on the tried and tested single beam, dual wavelength IR principle. Mid IR pulses, at 2 specified wavelengths for each monitored compound are transmitted through the sample cell. The ‘measure pulse’ is partially absorbed by the measured gases, whilst the ‘reference’ pulse will be unaffected. There are up to 8 wavelengths available, some of which will share the reference wavelength, allowing up to 6 gas phase component concentrations to be measured simultaneously. This operation will be involve challenging zero and calibration to ensure that all operation modes use the same optical path and system components.  

The Protea P-PC data logging and control system is an integral part of the unit. This Microsoft Windows based system can control up to 6 widely scattered analysers from Protea’s wide range. It can also accept signals from other manufacturer’s instruments to provide a single CEMS data hub. The Protea P-PC will display gas concentration and third party analyser data, as well as details on sample condition and diagnostic data and trends. These details can also be made available to external devices in a wide range of industry standard data protocols.

A variety of optional accessories are available including a probe heater to ensure that the in situ gas cell is working above the process gas dew point and a gas flow bypass for high sample applications in high temperatures.

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