• State of the art air quality monitoring station offers rapid and reliable data on air pollution in cities and industrial plants
    Kunak AIR Pro

Air Monitoring

State of the art air quality monitoring station offers rapid and reliable data on air pollution in cities and industrial plants

Jul 19 2021

Kunak have made significant enhancements to the Kunak AIR Pro air quality monitoring station. The Kunak AIR Pro is built around state of the art sensor technology and was developed as a vital component for any environmental project.

This highly precision air quality monitoring station is another milestone in Kunak’s history of providing municipal and industrial organisations the most reliable air quality data. This robust instrument has a lengthy lifecycle and is easy to deploy and maintain. The Kunak AIR Pro is capable of monitoring and controlling multiple measurement parameters in real time to alleviate environmental impact economically.

The Kunak AIR Pro has been designed to revolutionise air quality monitoring. Kunak wanted a system that would offer to the market the most reliable sensor technology in the world. The air quality monitoring station gives operators real time and accurate data on pollution from traffic, vehicle emissions, noise levels and dust and it has already been successfully used in several cities including Antwerp, Madrid and Bilbao. 

The AIR Pro can monitor up to 5 pollutants simultaneously: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, O3, SO2, H2S, NH3, and VOCs. In addition, it measures particulate matter PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and dew point. The air monitoring station also features connectors so operators can add additional measuring devices, such as weather monitoring sensors and probes, so every Air PRO operator can adapt their instrument to fulfil their specific project’s criteria. Solar panels power the AIR Pro and measurement data is transmitted wirelessly to the operator. 

This highly reliable air quality monitoring station is easy to maintain and install and calibration is simple thanks to Kunak’s user-friendly, interchangeable plug and play cartridges. The Kunak Cloud web platform enables users to access to real-time visualisation, analytical data, storage processing and to export air quality readings. This platform also allows the operator to remotely configure and manage the sensor network remotely.

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