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  • A revolutionary sensor-based air quality monitor

A revolutionary sensor-based air quality monitor

Feb 23 2021 Read 808 Times

After 7 years designing and deploying small air quality stations all over the world, Kunak Technologies, has presented the new Kunak AIR Pro, a huge evolution of their previous sensor-based air quality monitoring station, designed to solve all the lifecycle challenges of an air quality product, its operation and maintenance.

Kunak AIR Pro is a small, multi-pollutant, patent-pending air quality station for measuring CO, CO2, NO, NO2, O3, SO2, H2S, NH3, VOCs, PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 and environmental data like temperature, humidity and pressure, and offers the possibility of connecting external sensors & probes through various connectors.

As they say, this is “the most advanced air quality monitoring station on the market”. It includes some innovations never seen before like its plug & play Smart Gas Cartridges, its autonomous operation thanks to the solar panel, the wireless data transmission in real-time, the remote easy calibration tool, and the Kunak Cloud software, a web-based cloud platform to visualise, analyse and manage the data, and many more.

All those characteristics make this new station one of the most innovative products on the outdoor air quality monitoring market.

Thanks to the company’s extensive experience working with gas sensors, Kunak innovations solve many of the known issues of sensor technology: cross-sensibility, temperature effects, sensor variability, factory and field calibration, sensor replacement, networks operation and maintenance.

Between its innovations, we find the new system called GasPlugTM technology, which allows you to connect a new gas sensor easily, without having to dismantle the equipment or having to send it to the factory for the replacement.

Some of the main characteristics of this technology are:

  • Versatility: All the cartridges have the same size and fit in any of the five available sockets, to target specific applications and campaign needs.
  • Smart: The electronics in the cartridge storage type, age, and factory calibration
  • Real Plug & Play: When the new cartridge is plugged, the base station reads the information, configures itself, and starts working.
  • Auto-Diagnosis & Auto-Invalidation: A notification is sent when it´s time to replace the sensor or when some malfunction is detected, invalidating the data.
  • Fast replacement: Done on the field in less than five minutes without opening the device or sending it off to the factory.
  • QA & QC: individual cartridge factory calibration against traceable reference standards.

Kunak Smart Gas Cartridges guarantees measurement control throughout the lifecycle of each sensor, making Kunak AIR Pro more sustainable; and making the life of the clients easier.

Kunak AIR Pro does not require external reference data to calculate gas or particle concentrations. Zero and span calibration can be done via Kunak Cloud, the web-based software.

Designed to cover all needs: With a low-cost of ownership and accurate measurement of target pollutants, Kunak AIR Pro is useful for cities, industries, and researchers that need to make better decisions based on supplementary systems with larger & accurate data.

In addition, this new version will offer higher performance and greater autonomy and is easier to use. This means placement is simple. Thanks to a plug-and-play system, the user can buy the Kunak AIR Pro and start using it quickly.

Find out more information on our website.

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