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New Infrared Multicomponent Analyser

Mar 07 2008

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia (Italy) have designed a new generation of multicomponent analyser.
The MCA 100 analyser features a NDIR Spectrometer (with a Patent Pending filter system technology). AMP cell, control computer and user interface with keyboard and touch screen monitor.
MCA 100 can be configurate to detect at ppm, mg/m3, % level: CO, CO2 , CH4 , NO, NO2 , N2O, SO2 , HCL, HF, THC (CH4 based), H2O, NH3, Formaldehyde, H2S,and O2 (with integrate cell) The MCA 100 controls and monitors simultaneously flue gas measurements up to 15 different compounds. The values determined are displayed on screen, stored on the computer and transmitted to the interfaces.
The MCA 100 use is a NDIR device which enables bifrequency and gas filter correlation procedures to be used simultaneously.
Two important features of the light source (an infrared emitter) are its high energy output and long service life. The light emitted
passes through the chopper wheel, the MP cell, the Special filter wheels which use GFC and OFC technique on a 2 stage PbSe detector.
The software for operating the MCA100 is menu driven and features two levels: one for the measuring mode and another for password-protected configuration changes. MCA 100 multicomponent analyser combined with the ETG Stack permeation probe model Spp-100 represent the most suitable and advanced Stack monitoring system available today on the gas analysis market.
Most important applications of the UVEGA are: Cogeneration, Gas Turbines, Electric Power Plants, MSW& Hazardous Waste incinerators, Cement Kilns, Industrial Boilers & Furnaces Pulp & Paper, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Glass Plants, Research, CEM’s, Steel Production and Crematorius.

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