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New generation of FTIR gas analysers

Jun 30 2020

ETG 9500 is the latest generation of FTIR gas analyser technology from ETG in a stationary or mobile version. The ETG 9500 system represents one of the most cost-effective and flexible analytical products on the market today. At the heart of ETG 9500 is a high-resolution, robust and proven FTIR spectrometer offering high signal throughput, low-noise and long lifetime of components.

The ETG 9500 FTIR gas spectrometer features an approved high stability vacuum tight “Rocket” FTIR, seamlessly matched to a 5 meters gas cell, with rhodium coated chemically resistant optics. IT also consists of a compact, rugged and high-performance FTIR module with 4TE-MCT detector, a long path (5m), low volume (0.2L) heated gas cell seamlessly matched to the FTIR for high sensitivity and very short response time; rhodium coated chemically resistant optics.

The main fields of application for the FTIR ETG 9500 include continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), ambient air pollution, engine emissions, combustion monitoring, food processing, security and defence, agriculture, fire fighting, cement kilns , toxic gas detection , petrochemistry, process monitoring and control in chemical industry, industrial safety, mining, laboratories, biogas and syngas analysis.

The ETG 9500 FTIR is a true compact multi-gas analyser. It can detect simultaneously more than 100 compounds. It can be delivered as a transportable system , configurated on the customer needs , 19” rack mounting as well on desk version for labs and R & D.

The ChemoCalc software contains the necessary options, settings and views for basic, everyday measurements, and it does not require previous experience to operate. The software supports touch screen devices as well, providing easy and efficient processing of the results in the field.

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