• Real-Time Air Quality Micro Monitoring Station Wins MCERTs Approval

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Real-Time Air Quality Micro Monitoring Station Wins MCERTs Approval

Sep 06 2011

The Sira Accreditation Service has awarded MCERTs certification to the Environnement SA’s (France) MMS – a Multiparameter, Real-Time Air Quality Micro Monitoring Station ideally suited to meet extreme space constraints – at the recent annual MCERTS 2011.

The MMS Station provide Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring of CO, CO2, NO, NOx & NO2, O3 and optional PM and SO2 in a compact enclosure. The station uses internationally accepted principle/ techniques of measurements like NDIR GFC for CO and CO2, Chemiluminescence for NOx and UV Photometry for O3, all in a single cabinet.

Applications are for air quality monitoring in urban hot spots (the MMS’s small footprint is a major advantage), roadside air quality monitoring and indoor air quality monitoring. Particulates PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 can be either continuously and simultaneous measured by the MP101M Beta Gauge analyser coupled with the Real Time patented optical technology of the CPM module, or collected onto filters by an automatic sampler such as the PM162M.

In addition, the multi-tasking SAM-WI (iséo) software provides a central data acquisition from additional, external sensors (eg, meteorological sensors), with considerable autonomous data storage. Data recovery can be done without having to open the MMS via the USB connectivity or remotely via the Internet through Ethernet TCPIP ports.

The MMS also complies with ISO 7996 & EN 14211:2005 for NOx, ISO 4224 & EN 14626:2005 for CO, ISO 13964 & EN 14625:2005 for O3, ISO 10473 : 2000 for PM, US-EPA (EQPM-0404-151) & EN 12341 for PM10 and for PM2.5 EN 14907 & US-EPA PM2.5 Inlet.

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