Simple Mercury Analysis of Complex Samples: Soil, Oil, Foodstuff, and More



Date: 07:30:00 - Oct 18 2016
Speakers: Georg Debus, Mr Nikolay Ivanov
Moderators: Rachael Simpson


In this webinar, Lumex Instruments experts George Debus and Nikolai Ivanov discuss the advantages of atomic absorption spectroscopy with Zeeman background correction (ZAAS) for the analysis of mercury in complex samples.

Determination of mercury in complex samples is always a challenge for the laboratory analysis. This especially applies to soil, crude oil, wastewater, ores, foodstuff, and  biological samples. As a rule, these objects are a complex mixture of various organic and inorganic compounds. The conventional AA and AF analysis techniques must involve   time consuming stages of  sample preparation and mercury accumulation on a sorbent. It significantly increases the analysis time, labour cost, and error probability.

In this webinar, experts Lumex Instruments George Debus and Nikolai Ivanov to discuss the advantages of atomic absorption spectroscopy with Zeeman background correction (ZAAS) for the analysis of mercury in a variety of samples. The ZAAS technique allows fast and selective direct mercury determination in any complex liquid or solid by means of pyrolysis/burning with real time detection.

Neither sample preparation nor mercury accumulation needed.

An advanced option of thermal scanning provides additional information about forms of mercury and matrix.



- Examples of determination of mercury in soil, crude oil, naphtha, wastewater, foodstuff, coal, sorbent traps, cosmetics and more.

- Improved selectivity and sensitivity analysis using ZAAS

- Compliance with ASTM, ISO, and US EPA standards

- Determination of mercury species in samples

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Georg Debus
Georg Debus (Lumex Instruments)

Sales and Marketing Manager - Lumex Instruments

Mr Nikolay Ivanov
Mr Nikolay Ivanov (Lumex Instruments)

Head of European Office - Lumex Instruments


Rachael Simpson
Rachael Simpson (International Labmate Ltd)

Editor for International Environmental Technology, Asian Environmental Technology and Petro Industry News.

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