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Applied Rigaku Technologies offers energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for non-destructive quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis. Its systems are well-suited for trace element analysis for environmental monitoring applications, such as measuring toxic heavy metals in aerosols on air filters, monitoring industrial waste streams to the sub-ppm levels, testing soils, and many others.


Benchtops include NEX QC Series for routine quality control, NEX DE Series for more demanding or small spot analysis applications, and NEX CG II for complex applications and research. With multi-element analysis capabilities, Rigaku EDXRFs show versatility for many screening needs and help users ensure industrial processes are environmentally sound.


Digital Edition

IET 33.5 Sept/Oct 2023

October 2023

In This Edition Water/Wastewater - Method development of a segmented flow system for the analysis of Total Cyanide in drinking water and natural waters using an on-line UV digestion and amper...

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